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Warner Marled - Naturally Colored Sport Weight Wool Cone Yarn

Warner Marled - Naturally Colored Sport Weight Wool Cone Yarn

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3 ply Naturally Colored Marled Sport Weight Cone Yarn: Suggested needle size 3-5, 23-26 stitches/4 inches.  Approximately 1500 yards per pound,

The wool for this line is all sourced from the Bare Ranch in California and is 100% undyed.  The color comes from the natural black and gray wool produced by the sheep.  We spin a strand of black wool and ply it with two white strands to get the Granite Colorway.  Marble is two black strands plied with one white and Chalk is one light gray strand plied with two white strands.  They are spun at Mountain Meadows Mill in Buffalo Wyoming.  They make a great base for dyers.  The yarn is combed and these yarns are all squishy and will bloom perfectly when blocked. 

Because the weights of every cone varies we have to list many different variants. We try to group them as close of possible so the price per lb. works out!

Things to Note:

  • Though they are different, the Charcoal and Obsidian are similar in color.
  • The cone weight listed and what you receive may vary slightly - we try really hard to get it exact, but every cone is different.

Certified Fibershed Product made using Climate Beneficial TM Wool.

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