Who We Are

Lani's Lana is the creation of Fiber Artist and rancher Lani Estill. The development of a line of yarn came slowly but was a natural extension of the ranching business and Lani's love of wool and natural fibers. The fibers used in Lani's yarn are sourced from the Bare Ranch or neighboring ranches that have similar values and wool.

What We Do

We make yarn, fabric, combed top and finished goods from wool sourced at our ranch in Northwest Nevada/Northern California. We also make finished goods like pillows and blankets. Our focus is on undyed or naturally dyed colors and all of our wool is Climate Beneficial TM and produced with a transparent supply chain. Wether you are a home knitter, dyer, designer, or just want to spruce up your home, we have something for you! Our wool is some of the finest you will find -- we hope you agree!

"The Best Yarn & Roving for Artists Everywhere!"

  • “Finding Lani’s yarns in Cedarville was a bonanza for me. And to meet Lani, who told me about the Rambouillet sheep from the Bare Ranch in Surprise Valley whose fleece is spun into her yarn was amazing!”

    – Satisfied Customer

  • “Your shop is a truly lovely, restful, and thoughtful space! I am so happy to have found it and to be able to continue to visit!”

    – Customer at Warner Mountain Weavers

  • “Great products, sustainably produced. Happy to support this business!”

    – Satisfied Customer