Welcome wholesale customers and designers! 

We love to sell product to designers and other fiber artists.  Rambouillet wool makes a great base for dyeing and we have yarn in skeins or on cones.  We strive to make this process easy for us all. 

Existing Wholesale Customers 

We’ve already added you as a tax-exempt customer and you just need to contact us for further steps to get the wholesale discount. (If you haven't already gotten that information)

New Wholesale Customers 

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you. Please include proof that you are in a fiber-based business and provide me with your resale license.  If you are a fiber entrepreneur or designer that does not have a resale certificate, you can still get wholesale prices but you will be required to pay sales tax according to applicable regulations.

If you can purchase over 60 lbs of yarn or combed top - please contact us directly and we can give you even better prices.

Thank you for joining us in this wooly journey!

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