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Lani's Lana

Eco Dyed Bare Ranch Wool Pillow Set

Eco Dyed Bare Ranch Wool Pillow Set

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Bare Ranch Wool Pillow made with madder dyed and eco printed Rambouillet Wool twill  fabric. Pillow 1 is about 2 inches larger than pillow 2 and 3! They all look lovely together. 

Local Wool, Local Dyes, Local Labor!! 

Climate Beneficial Wool Cover filled with pillow form. 

*Can be purchased individually, as a set of two,  or three. 

  • Wool Milled and Woven in the USA.  
  • Wool Sourced in the USA.  
  • Pillow form is not wool.
  • Sewn in OR by Lani’s mom Lorraine
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