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Lani's Lana

Eco Printed Bare Ranch Wool Pillow Set

Eco Printed Bare Ranch Wool Pillow Set

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Bare Ranch Wool Pillows are made with naturally eco printed Rambouillet Wool twill fabric.  The pillow form is made with Full Circle Wool batting and recycled cotton tablecloth fabric. Climate Beneficial Wool cover filled with Transitional Climate Beneficial Wool Batting.

These pillows pair beautifully with our throws and blankets.

  • Certified Fibershed Product & Certified Climate Beneficial. 
  • Local Wool, Local Dyes, Local Labor!! 
  • Milled and Woven in the USA.  Wool Sourced in the USA.  Dyed & Sewn in our Studio!
  • Purchase individually or as a set. 
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