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Lani's Lana

Plain Weave Fabric from Bare Ranch Wool

Plain Weave Fabric from Bare Ranch Wool

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Lani’s Lana is thrilled to offer Bare Ranch Wool Fabric, made of premium Rambouillet wool sourced from our family ranch, raised with Climate Beneficial™ land management practices, and woven by Huston Textile Company in Rancho Cordova, CA.  We are connecting the supply chain dots between ranchers and artisans, raw product and fashion.

Although it is currently Out of Stock, we will have it back in new colorways soon.

Analogous to the first organic and small scale food farmers who began their regional economic efforts with a Community Supported Agriculture model—to collect funding up front to help cover the costs of the growing season—we have developed a textile pre-sale model to help cover the costs of the value chain. By pooling demand from a community of like-minded artisans, we can support moving our local material through mills with higher minimums—leveraging economies of scale by working together.  The fabric is woven and absolutely beautiful.  Search on Sample Set to order a sample book of all the fabrics. 

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