"Fibershed is a non-profit organization that develops regional fiber systems that build ecosystem and community health. Our work expands opportunities to implement climate benefitting agriculture, rebuild regional manufacturing, and connect end-users to the source of our fiber through education. We transform the economic systems behind the production of material culture to mitigate climate change, improve health, and contribute to racial and economic equity."

We proudly boast being certified Northern California Fibershed producers. In addition to our wool being certified Climate Beneficial TM through Fibershed. 

We were lucky enough to be one of Fibershed’s first members to implement carbon farming techniques into our ranching practices, our Rambouillet wool is some of the first Climate Beneficial wool grown in California.  On our ranch we implement rotational grazing, compost applications, creek restorations, and other land management strategies such as no-till farming. Lani’s Lana represents a product that enhances the healthy function and harmony of our natural world.

Read more about our ranch and our products in this slightly outdated, yet accurate article.

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