Natural Wool Yarn and Fiber
  • Union Cloth Fabric - wool warp and cotton weft - per 1/2 yard


    Union Cloth fabric made with Bare Ranch Climate Beneficial Wool warp and West Texas Organic Cotton weft.  This fabric is a union of wool and cotton and the result is nothing short of amazing.  approximately 15 oz/yard.

    Woven at Huston Textiles in Rancho Cordova, CA.

    "While Huston Textiles had Lani's Lana 100% Bare Ranch wool on their looms, we did some small runs with different weft yarns.  As a result, we will have small quantities of special fabrics available." ~ Lani

    Prices are per 1/2 yard.

    Orders over 10 yards are eligible for a volume discount please call 775-722-8173 or email for a coupon code.