Natural Wool Yarn and Fiber
  • Rye Patch Hollyhock, Naturally Dyed Worsted Wool Yarn


    Rye Patch:  Color: Hollyhock, 4 ply Naturally Dyed Worsted, 240 Yards, 4 oz. skein.  Suggested needle size 5-8, 18-24 stitches/4 inches.

    The wool for this line is all sourced from the Bare Ranch in California and is 100% naturally dyed. The combed top is processed by Chargeurs Wool USA Inc. in South Carolina. The wool is spun by Worsted Spinning New England and natural dyed by Swan's Island, both of which are located in Maine. These yarns are all squishy and will bloom perfectly when blocked. This line of beautiful natural colored yarn (Snow, Sand, Phlox, Hollyhock, Shenandoah, Dark Sky, Willow, Camas, Lava and Red Rock) is the perfect choice for an added pop of color to a project!