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    One of the projects that the Bare Ranch and Lani's Lana does to help draw down carbon from the atmosphere and into the soil where it is needed and depleted is planting and maintaining trees, shrubs and pollinators.  This projected started in the fall of 2018 with the planting of over 2 miles of trees, shrubs, and forbs..  We also put in an extensive irrigation system and fencing to protect the young plants.  

    We have had mixed results and growing things in the High Desert is not without its challenges!!  I wish it were as easy as it sounded on paper when we were planning it all!!  The first year we had about a 70% failure rate (estimated--it may have been more) which was very disappointing.  We planted hundreds of new plants that were seedlings from other trees and shrubs on the ranch, 100 cedar tree starts funded by Fibershed and made improvements to the irrigation system.  We also partnered with the California Deer Association and they have managed weeding crews which has helped us to see what is really growing and what needs some support.

    We have Yarrow, Golden Rod, Wild Rose, Rabbit Brush, Service Berry, Locust, Willow, Apple, and many species of grasses that are thriving.  However, we lost so many plants that we really need to make another push to replant this spring.  If you would like to contribute to our effort, I will put aside a fund to purchase and plant again this spring.  If you prefer to make a tax deductible contribution the the Northern California Fibershed, they would also be thrilled to fund this or other like projects in Northern California.  email for information.

    Thank you for you support!!  We are in this together!!