Natural Wool Yarn and Fiber
  • Tuledad Shale Sport Wool yarn on cones - 3.5 lb cone


    Light Gray sport weight natural colored Rambouillet wool yarn on approximately 2.25 lb cones.  Yarn is made by blending the black and white wool before it is spun into yarn.  Yarn on cones is perfect for machine knitting and weaving.  The yarn is not scoured after spinning and still has some of the spinning oils on the yarn.  Swatch knitting and blocking is very important when using this yarn because it will change after blocking.  

    Approximately 1450 yards per pound, 3-ply combed preparation.  Needle size 3-5; 23-26 stitches per 4 inch.

    Northern California Fibershed Certified product, Climate Beneficial TM.

    Please email for information about wholesale pricing.  Cone sizes differ and there may be some price adjustments depending on cone size.  Each customer will be contacted if there is a price difference.   This listing is based on a 3.5 pound cone @ $68/pound.