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Natural colored worsted weight wool yarn sold on skeins.  100% natural Rambouillet wool yarn.  Northern California Fibershed certified product, Climate Beneficial TM. Hand Wash Gently.

Comes in three natural colors, made without any dyes.  The colors are sourced from the sheep, sorted in the field and then blended in the mill to create these three beautiful shades. - Shale is a light silvery gray, Charcoal is a dark gray, Obsidian is a dark chocolate brown/black.

Fiber source is the Bare Ranch in California/Nevada and Espil Ranch in Northern Nevada.  Spun at Mountain Meadows Mill, WY.

Approximately 210 yards per 4 oz skein, 4-ply combed preparation.  Needle size 5-8; 18-24 stitches per 4 inch.