Natural Wool Yarn and Fiber
  • Calico - Lava Lace Rambouillet Wool Yarn put up on Cones

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    Lace weight Rambouillet Wool Yarn spun very fine for weaving into fine textiles and knitting machines.   This is the yarn that we use to make our fabrics.    The wool is all raised on the Bare Ranch in NE California and is put up with a combed preparation.  2 ply 24 worsted spinning count and 5950 Yards per Pound. It comes on one pound cones.  Lava is Naturally Dyed with Madder Root and Indigo at Swan's Island in Rockport, ME.  Some transfer of the dye is normal with Indigo and with the dark colors.

    Hand Wash Gently.  Climate Beneficial Certified TM and Norther California Fibershed Certified.